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    22 reasons for motor heating

    2021-06-19 08:40:58 200

    What are the reasons for Motor Heating?


    1. The room temperature is too high

    2. Poor heat dissipation

    3. overload

    4. Overvoltage, undervoltage or unbalanced voltage

    5. Frequent start and stop or frequent reversal

    6. Lack of phase

    7. The fan is broken or the air inlet and outlet are blocked

    8. Bearing lack of oil

    9. Mechanical jam

    10. The load moment of inertia is too large, the starting time is too long

    11. Short circuit between turns

    12. The internal wiring of the new motor is incorrect

    13. Wrong star-delta wiring

    14. Star-delta or self-dual step-down start-up load restart time is long or abnormal conversion due to fault

    15. Motor is damp

    16. Broken bar of squirrel cage asynchronous motor rotor

    17. The rotor winding of the wound asynchronous motor is broken or the resistance is unbalanced

    18. Rotor sweep

    19. Power harmonics are too large, such as large rectifier equipment, high frequency equipment, etc. nearby

    20. The magnetic flux of the motor core after repeated maintenance is reduced

    21. Some motors have poor winding technology

    22. The high temperature of the motor is generally unlikely to be a bearing problem, unless the bearing temperature is too high

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